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The Many Ways Spirit Communicate – An Explanation

The A to Z of Spirit Communication

The ability of Spirit Energies to make themselves known is nothing new. There are many references in most religions of the Higher Energies making themselves known and influencing the formation of a way of thinking or religion – all with one basic theme that life is eternal. Probably the best recorded paranormal happening is of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from the “God Force”, many thousands of years ago.

There are so many different ways Spirit and man have devised to make the link between both worlds. For example, ancient civilisations consulting with their departed ancestors, revering the Sun, Stars, Moon and Mother Earth or simply consulting the Oracle. Some forms of physical mediumship provide indisputable proof that energies, beyond man’s comprehension and beyond reasonable doubt, correlate to Spirit communication. Other forms of communication do not need any special conditions because they are a gentle, loving spiritual link that manifests with clairvoyance and other forms of mental mediumship.

This publication puts together an A to Z of most if not all of the various ways Spirit communicates for a purpose to help and assist us in our physical life.

Not every type of phenomena will be classed as direct Spirit communication and some may be considered to be psychic awareness that may lead or link with Spirit communication. The following list is of known ways that Spirit, can and does, make their presence known; they are generalisations and there will always be slight differences. Some types of phenomena will be called something else, many of the terms used being “coined” words that you will not find in any encyclopaedia or dictionary. With all forms of Spirit communication described below, it is of paramount importance before entering into any experiment in communication that the sensitive/medium opens up in prayer welcoming Spirit and seeking protection, and at the end of the session closing in prayer and grounding. The use of the word medium can mean a trained or natural medium and incorporates the term sensitive. It should not be forgotten that Spirit communicates with all humans (and animals), whether or not they accept this or consider it to be a figment of the imagination. There are so many forms of communication, even if it is only accepted that prayers in whatever religion are links with Higher Energies, however the energy is perceived. Some of them are as follows:

1. Advanced Messages – Messages prepared by the medium prior to the communication event and without knowledge of the potential sitters, placed in sealed identical plain envelopes and offered to the sitters to select their own personal reading. This form of clairvoyance is not common but has the advantage that the medium cannot be considered to be mindreading or linking with the psychic energies of the recipient. The ability of Spirit to know who is going to attend and influence them to pick a certain sealed envelope is mind boggling.

2. Air movements – unexpected drafts –This phenomena is a happening that generally occurs in a séance that is a closed circle, often sitting in subdued lighting or total darkness. It may be evident if candles are present and the flame moves or flickers with an input of more oxygen.

3. Angel Cards – There are many different packs of Angel Cards, some better than others, depending on how they are used. Generally the sitter is asked to pick at “random” a card without reading the words; the medium then studies the words and is inspired to use the words as the crux of the message. On many occasions, the words chosen at random are very relevant and it is suggested that, in some way, Spirit is able to guide the selection of the appropriate card.

4. Apports – These are objects that materialise out of the ether often in a séance room but not always. All matter being a connected mass of atoms that can be de-constructed and reconstructed back into the same form. Therefore, Spirit is able to alter the atomic structure of an object and transport the energy to another location. The objects are normally of little or no value and may be flora such as a rose. The apported object often is of particular significance for the recipient. This is a phenomenon that seems to happen unexpectedly and cannot be requested, as other forms of phenomena.

5. Aromas – Clairalience – For the medium to be aware of aromas that assist in the recognition of a spirit communicator, such as recognised perfume, tobacco (pipe, cigar or cigarette).

6. Astral Travel – Refer to Out of Body Experience (OBE).

7. Attachments – good – As part of the ability of Spirit to progress, they may attach their energy to a Physical energy to experience and learn, although the human may not be aware of the attachment. However, there are numerous cases of children being aware of “unseen friends”. This may be apparent up to the age of about five, then this awareness is lost, at least temporally. Unless, of course, they are Natural Mediums and these communication abilities continue to grow and are utilised for the greater good.

8. Attachments – not so good – rescue work – It is understood that some spirit energies are at a lower level of existence either by desire or maybe the conditions of their physical life. It is sometimes necessary for suitably trained mediums and Spirit Workers (trained in dealing with not so good attachments), to assist these troubled souls who need to be encouraged to move forward and not to cause disturbances. There are also cases where negative energies are projected on another person by one or more persons (physical realm) that can affect that person. This may be linked to certain cultures and, possibly, the mental state of the person affected. This can be overcome, with the help of Spirit, by healing, meditation, trance discussions with Spirit through a Trance Medium, to assure the victim that there is a way forward to overcome their problems.

9. Aura Awareness – Some mediums/sensitives are able to detect the energy field around others and, with training, able to identify the meanings of the colours they perceive. This may include the ability to pin point areas of dis-easement of the body and the areas where healing energies should be concentrated. The aura is also described as the Etheric Body or the energy field surrounding the physical form.

10. Auragraphs – Some mediums with artistic abilities (or Spirit Mentors who guide) take a sheet of plain paper with a large circle drawn on the paper. The medium is then influenced to introduce the colours perceived and pictures/letters/signs onto the paper. This is then used as a basis for a reading.

11. Automatic Writing – Use of a “planchette” by one person or group working together.- A planchette is a flat piece of wood/plastic (normally triangular in shape with rounded corners) with three casters underneath and a holder for a pencil/crayon. The planchette is placed on a sheet of paper with the pencil/crayon adjusted so that the point just touches the paper. One person, or preferably a group of people place one hand upon another without exerting any force on the planchette. Spirit will move the device by influencing the persons’ hands that are placed upon the equipment and trace out shapes or words on the paper as evidence.

12. Automatic Writing with limited awareness by medium – The medium (in a trance-like state and inspired by Spirit Energies) produces written work.

13. Automatic Writing without awareness of medium – Similar to the above; but the real test would be when the produced information is well beyond the normal abilities of the medium, perhaps, in a different language or method of writing (i.e. Egyptian Hieroglyphs). This would normally take place in séance conditions without the medium touching the paper and writing implement. In times past, this was often on slates using a scratcher to mark the slate.

14. Blind Readings – Where the medium has no physical (sight, hearing, touch) contact with the recipient. This communication may take place where there is a screen (or some distance) between the medium and the recipient. In this scenario, the recipient does not speak to the medium while the reading is being given.

15. Channelling poetry / prose / music / song – This is a way of allowing ideas and inspiration from Higher Energies to influence the writings. In some cases the influence of a Spirit Energy will be apparent to the medium/sensitive. Another “school of thought” is that the writer is linking with the Universal Mind. The test is if the sensitive has the same level of ability (i.e. to compose music, to play a musical instrument, even to like poetry).

16. Closed Circle Communication – The type of Spirit Communication experienced in a closed circle can be very different from a public demonstration. The sitters may experience communication from persons not known personally to the circle, who need to experience the ability to communicate with physical environment for their progress. Many other happenings can also occur such as physical movements, raps and taps, and temperature change.

17. Coincidence or unexplained happenings – The influence of Spirit to guide us in a particular path of discovery, whether or not we are mediumistic or even understand the work of our Spirit Guides. Coincidences may not be pure chance but for a reason.

18. Colour Awareness – ribbons / coloured cards – The sitter choses, say, three coloured ribbons/cards that appeal/resonate with them. They are then passed to the reader/medium for a connection to be made with the energies of the sitter, enabling a link between Spirit and the sitter.

19. Conception/Birth – The linking of the Spirit Energy to the physical body.

20. Crystal Ball or Scrying – The use of a crystal ball or some form of glass, mineral or a bowl of clear water is a way of concentrating the ability of the third eye to perceive communication as a form of clairvoyance.

21. Déjàvu – From the French for “already seen” – The experience of perceiving a new situation as though it had happened before or a new location that seems very familiar. One explanation may be that the place or situation was the subject of a book, film or picture retained in the depths of the person’s brain; but it could also relate to memories of a past life coming to the fore. A further explanation is that Spirit companions are communicating to say, “This is where I lived/worked/visited in my physical life”.

22. Detecting Energies in Structures – Just as energies are attached to objects, energies of previous activities can remain in a structure and sensitives may be able to detect these energies. These can make a link with Spirit Energies to assist in the communication process.

23. Detecting Energy – Dousing – The use of dousing rods or “V” shaped twigs have been used over many aeons of time to detect energy fields such as water, minerals, lay lines. They detect natural energies through the sensitivity of the douser. May be influenced by Spirit.

24. Direct Voice – The ability of Spirit to construct an artificial “voice box” either in an upper corner of a room, or in the smaller diameter end of a plastic/tin/aluminium trumpet, within the séance environment generally in total darkness. Spirit is then able to vibrate the vocal chords of the “voice box” and speak/sing directly to the circle sitters.

25. Distant Communication / Readings – From photographs, hand written documents or telephone contact. In order to link with the Spirit communicators, the medium concentrates on the document or the voice of the sitter, either directly with a telephone/Skype caller or by recording/written communication.

26. Dreams – The dream state is when the brain is at a different level of consciousness and Spirit Energies are able to influence the thought pattern.

27. Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – This is the ability of Spirit to produce vocal vibrations that can be recorded, and are detected by an electronic recording device. The transmission of this phenomenon will not be heard at the time by the sitters, and is generally at a faster rate of delivery than normal. The noise may need to be listened to a number of times, in succession, for the human brain to recognise the word or words given.

28. Energy Fields – Solid materials such as stone, crystals and others can absorb and retain energies that a sensitive is able to comprehend. Often an explanation of so called “hauntings”. The energy fields retained can be an “opening” for Spirit communication.

29. ESP – Extrasensory Perception or 6th Sense – The perception of information not gained through the normal senses may be considered to be Spirit communication or the psychic abilities of a sensitive.
30. Feelings – Clairsentience – Where the medium senses the presence of Spirit Energies and is able to relate these feelings to another as evidential messages.

31. Flower Clairsentience – Similar to colour awareness, but the visual and aroma senses assist in the choice of the chosen flower by the sitter for the reader/medium to link with for a reading.

32. Healing – crystal – Utilising the energies within various crystals to affect the patient in a positive way.

33. Healing – distant/absent – The sending out of thoughts (from one person to another) of healing energies using various techniques, but always with a sincere desire to help, and the assistance of Spirit.

34. Healing – hands on – Spiritual Healing is the ability of the healer to link with Spirit Energies allowing them to flow through their hands and transmit these healing energies to the patient’s body, for the benefit of mind, body and or spirit, as needed.

35. Healing – sound – The use of particular sounds (such as the “voices” of dolphins, drumming and certain beats) is a method used in conjunction with Spiritual Healing.

36. Healing – colours – The use of colours and the projection of a certain colour onto a patient is an ancient medical practice, as is the choice of certain colours in hospital wards and other places where the use of colour can have a beneficial effect. This may be supportive to Spiritual Healing.

37. Healing – trance – The ability of a healer to allow themselves to go into a trance state and for the Spirit “healer” to take over. The healer, however, always remains responsible for the healing being delivered.

38. Holding Energy – motionless – A similar phenomena but opposite to levitation, where a flower (or similar) is placed on a smooth board or perhaps a table and Spirit are asked to hold the flower in position, (to prove their presence), while the board/table is tilted slowly by the sitters; up to 80 degrees to the horizontal.

39. Inspirational Speaking – Allowing inspiration to flow into the words being delivered by a speaker, but testing whether the information delivered is from Spirit or just the ability of the speaker to delve into the depths of their brain (and possibly the DNA) and also testing if this is beyond the speaker’s conversational limits.

40. Knowing – Claircogonizance – Similar to clairsentience – but just the medium knowing what to say.

41. Levitation – This is a form of physical mediumship where an object (and in the past, the actual body of the medium) is raised and moved around without the object being touched. This can be understood when considering the zero influence of the Earth’s gravitational pull in space. Therefore, if Spirit can influence the natural gravitational pull, levitation is possible.

42. Mandalas – The term mandala is used in many cultures as a picture or balanced pattern that has some spiritual significance. A method for Spirit communication is with a sitter and reader, the sitter taking a square or round shape of paper and folding it a number of times into a “V” shape. Then, randomly cutting into the edges, without any particular plan of action. The paper is then unfolded by the sitter and given to the reader to interpret the symmetric pattern/s and take inspiration (hopefully from Spirit) on the meaning of the pattern for the sitter.

43. Materialisation – This is achieved by a natural substance (ectoplasm) produced in the body of a physical medium and exuded via the mouth or nose, within a séance room. Spirit utilises this material to build up a facsimile of the Spirit Energy who wishes to communicate for all to see. At the end of the session, the ectoplasm returns to the medium’s body.

44. Meditation – deep – With deep meditation, the link with Spirit Energies is possible, although the meditator may not understand this phenomenon. It may be considered to be inspiration. When sitting for development after the request has been made for Spirit communication, Spirit Energies do make themselves known through various senses that often get stronger and more detailed as meditation is practised.

45. Mesmerism – Whirling Dervishers – Tribal Dance etc. – Activities that induce a hypnotic trance-like state where Spirit’s influences may take place. Mesmerism is an early form of hypnosis developed by a German physician Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), with the objective of dealing with various medical problems by hypnosis. Others used his principles in the past, to put a person into a trance state for communication with Spirit Energies.

46. Movement of Objects – The ability of Spirit Energies to harness physical energies to move objects often in the séance room but may also occur in other environments.

47. Near Death Experiences (NDE) – It is not unknown for persons who suffer a serious illness or accident to experience this phenomenon, possibly believing they were about to pass to “heaven” or going into a different state of existence. When they recover, the memory of a start of transition remains. Spirit Energies may come very close to assist with healing and this could be an explanation. Was this to happen when somebody is in a deep (perhaps, medically induced) coma, then, is the link with Spirit Energies possible?

48. Orbs – Are the representation of Spirit Energy that may be seen by the naked eye often in séances. More commonly seen in photographs and digital recordings. The orbs are normally an opaque white blob of light that may move or stay in one place.

49. Ouija Board – This was a device marketed in 1890 by Elijah Bond as a parlour game (also called Spirit Board or Talking Board). It was only later that it was discovered that the use of the Ouija board enabled Spirit Energies to make themselves known. The board uses letters, numbers 0 to 9 and Yes/No/Hello markers with a pointer or upturned glass touched by the human participants that moves to the marker, spelling out the message. However, persons using this device have not always understood the vital importance of opening up in prayer, seeking protection and afterwards closing down correctly. This has led to the Ouija being considered a dangerous device in untrained hands.

50. Out of Body Experience (OBE) – also known as Astral Travel – The ability of the spiritual energy of a living person to travel to another location (the perceived understanding is that the spiritual energy is still connected to the physical body by a “silver cord” otherwise the physical body would expire).

51. Palmistry – reading lines/energy of the hands – The lines on the hands and their configuration have been well documented and the traits of the various lines are given meanings. The use of palmistry can lead to a Spirit communication, as the psychic link precedes the spiritual link.

52. Past Life Regression – Where a trained and competent practitioner places their client into a hypnotic state, guiding him to recount experiences that may be from past lives. The objective being to attempt to overcome problems manifesting in the client’s life. The resulting information may or may not be inspired by Spirit. Some, however, would advocate this is proof of reincarnation.

53. Pendulum Communication – The correct use of pendulums can and does allow Spirit to communicate with degrees of Yes & No answers to mental or spoken questions. Pendulums can also be used to detect energy fields and areas of another person’s body where there is a problem (or its root cause). The ability of Spirit to influence the movement of the pendulum is manifested by the control of the muscles through the crown energy centre, down the arm and the amplification of the minute movement in the actual oscillating of the pendulum.

54. Phrenology – Head reading of the bumps – In times past, it was considered that the shape and form of a human skull related to areas of the physical body. Possibly the understanding of the “bumps” may have been influenced by Spirit.

55. Physical Phenomena – Physical phenomena is the direct communication of Spirit without working through a medium’s senses, as it happens in Mental Mediumship. It can be in many forms, e.g. movement of objects, rappings, temperature changes, apports and others. Some phenomena can happen within a communication circle, and in certain circumstances in the normal environment without the presence of a medium.

56. Platform Spirit Communication (Mental Mediumship)– The ability of a medium to allow Spirit to communicate in an open forum, such as a church, hall or theatre and to link with recipients that the medium may, or may not, have ever come into contact with before.

57. Playing Cards – Similar to Tarot Cards but using a standard pack of playing cards with predefined meanings for the different or combination of cards; perhaps with the influence of Spirit.

58. Precognition – Relates to the seeing into the future (or as some would term it Fortune Telling). One explanation is that because Spirit may able to comprehend “the full picture” of what is happening and the plans being considered, they are able to give guidance on future events or the warnings of people’s planned actions.

59. Prayer – Sincere and meaningful prayer, in whatever faith, is a connection with Higher Energies. How prayers are directed is a matter of choice – some people may wish to direct their thoughts to the highest possible level, the “God Force”, or to their own guides and mentors in the Spirit Realms.

60. Private (one-to-one) Readings – The ability of the medium to give more personal messages that might be embarrassing or inappropriate in a public meeting.

61. Psychic Surgery – The ability of a healer to enter the actual physical body and remove matter from its interior that is causing problems, without leaving any scar from the incision (that may have been made with the healers fingers or some device).

62. Psychometry – Objects that are worn by a person as personalised objects, such as rings or watches, absorb the vibrations of the wearer. When a sensitive touches and holds such objects, they are able to read the vibrations and link with their energy. This may then make the link for Spirit to communicate with the owner of the item through the medium. If this is done in a group, then, the ownership of the objects is not known to the reader; the items perhaps identified by a number only and/or in envelopes. Pschometrist was a name given in the past for a person undertaking Psychometry (not related to the modern medical term)

63. Remote Readings/Viewing – The activity of giving a mediumistic reading when the sitter is not physically with the medium; this could be done by telephone, letter, e-mail or perhaps an object or photograph. May also refer to reading pictures, shapes etc. rather than a person.

64. Raps and Taps – The ability of Spirit to manipulate physical energies to produce a noise that could become intelligent communication (typically one knock for Yes, two knocks for No). Two of the earliest recorded forms of Spirit communication were the Hydesville and the Epworth rappings.

65. Rune Stones – These are flat stones with symbols on one side that have defined meanings (originated in / around Scandinavian countries). The stones are cast and the symbols of the stones that are face upwards are the indication of the reading that follows – this may be influenced by Spirit.

66. Sand Readings – Similar to Automatic Writing but in this case a tray of sand (normally covered) used in séance conditions; any depressions formed by Spirit in the surface of the sand, e.g. signs, hand prints etc. can be read.

67. Séance – Generally today we associate a séance as a meeting of persons with some understanding/acceptance of Spirit, sitting in a closed circle in a controlled and secure environment. For physical phenomena, it often takes place in a completely dark room or in some cases with subdued lighting of some form. The lead medium may sit within a cabinet (an enclosed structure with hanging drapes) that concentrates the Spirit Energies, to assist in physical phenomena. Noisy water pipes, high voltage cables, radio/television transmitters, external noise, telephones etc. may not be ideal to the best communication conditions. In other circumstances, especially for mental mediumship, a candle-lit room or a low level of lighting may be preferred; other groups may wish to hold their communion sessions in a garden or woodland setting.

68. Solid Materialisation – This is where Spirit is able to produce solid forms such as hands that can be covered in molten wax that forms a perfect mould when the Spirit energy form is de-materialised. This mould can then be used to form a plaster cast in minute detail of finger prints etc.

69. Sounds – Recognisable sounds, e.g. music, machinery, animal sounds, weather, songs – clairaudience – all assist in the identification of the Spirit communicator.

70. Spirit Name – During a Spiritualist Naming service, generally, for a baby/child, it is common for the person taking the naming service to be inspired by Spirit, to give the infant a Spirit Name which describes the true vibration of its soul and the aim in its life.

71. Spirit Art – Psychic Art – where the medium is artistic – The medium allows him/herself to be influenced by Spirit and produces art work. This may be of a different style to normal, or much faster than usual. (May be linked with mental mediumship either by the “artist” or another medium working alongside the “artist”.)

72. Spirit Art – Psychic Art – where the medium is non-artistic – The medium allows the Spirit communicator to take control of his/her arms and hands and draw or paint shapes and pictures which are beyond the artistic capabilities of the medium.(May also be linked with mental mediumship either by the “artist” or another medium working alongside the “artist”.)

73. Spirit Art – by Spirit – Where paintings are produced by Spirit in the presence of the medium/s but the canvas is not touched by the medium. Also termed Precipitation where Spirit also produces the colouring matter.

74. Spirit Extras on Photographs – This is where persons, objects or lights appear on photographs that were not seen by the physical eyes when the photographs were taken and are attributed to Spirit communication. Great care has to be taken in ensuring that the “extras” are not due to some other factor, such as a reflecting mirror, double exposure or merging of images in the digital camera or computer imaging technology.

75. Spirit Writing (without the utilisation of a human hand) – Using slates, paper, charcoal or pencil etc. being executed by Spirit, generally in séance conditions.

76. Study of Pictures/Photographs – The use of pictures in mediumship development utilises images that can be concentrated upon. This assists in the process of communication as a focal point.

77. Telepathy – The ability to transfer thought vibrations from one person to another, regardless of distance. Considered to be an explanation of how Spirit communicates in a Universal Language. A common attribute of identical twins is being able to communicate with each other in some way. Also the ability of an animal to understand and communicate without a wide vocal range to other animals – even understanding what humans are saying.

78. Table Movement/Table Tilting (Tipology) – with intelligent communication – This form of Spirit Communication can happen with the physical touching of the table (that can be timber, bamboo, or plastic but not metal). The group of people taking part lightly place their fingertips on the top of the table and with Spirit intervention the table will move. It will be necessary to understand the code of movement and how words may be spelt out. It can also be achieved by Spirit moving the table by psychic rods emanating from the lead medium or catalysis medium in séance conditions (without the sitters/medium touching the table).In historical records there are details of musical instruments being placed under the table and Spirit playing these instruments.

79. Tarot Cards – There are many forms of the Tarot Cards in the pack of 78 cards with defined meanings; the history of the use of these cards going back to the 15th century from various parts of Europe. The method of dealing and laying out the cards varies from reader to reader. The reader provides the sitter with information about themselves from looking at the dealt cards. Whether Spirit is able to influence the way the cards are laid out and how the reader emphasises the meanings is thought provoking but the accuracy of these readings is not in doubt, however the information is provided.

80. Taste – Claigustance – Where the medium is aware of a certain taste that links with the Spirit communicator; it could be a taste of special food or drink that would be recognised as an integral part of the message or even a medical condition.

81. Tea Leaf Reading – Using the pattern of tea leaves in the bottom of a cup; said to be by swilling the leaves around the bottom of the cup, three times, then, turning the cup upside down, allowing the remaining tea to drain into the saucer) and looking for significant patterns of the leaves and what comes into the mind. Can also be done with a latte coffee looking at the pattern in the froth before drinking.

82. Temperature (Colder/Hotter) – The awareness of a change in temperature for no apparent reason when working with Spirit can indicate their presence.

83. Trance Deep (without awareness of medium) – Deep trance is when the medium has no awareness of what is happening (and would not react to any pain inflicted by a pin prick, for example). The medium’s Spirit control gives his spiritual words of wisdom and encouragement, for the benefit of the sitters. Normally undertaken in a closed circle of invited sitters rather than a public demonstration. Certain safety precautions must be taken to protect the medium from “psychic shock”, i.e. sitters must not touch the medium without the express permission of Spirit. Loud noises, mobile telephones, light flashes and disturbances may cause the medium to come out of the trance state prematurely which may have an adverse effect on the mediums physical state.

84. Trance (with limited awareness by medium) – The trance medium in this case will have some awareness of what Spirit is saying through his voice but will not have any influence on what is being said.

85. Trance Spirit Messages – On occasions, Spirit will give personal messages rather than philosophy during a trance demonstration, clearly cutting out the mediums fallibility in decoding the message correctly.

86. Transfiguration – This is where Spirit forms a likeness, on the face of the medium. It can happen in two distinct ways but in both systems the demonstration is in subdued lighting with a red light projected onto the medium’s face. Spirit is able to form a mask in front of the medium’s face and then manipulate the mask to indicate the features of the communicator. The other way is that Spirit manipulates the muscles of the medium’s face and the shadows of the lighting indicate the features of the communicator. (May also be linked with trance communication either at the same time or in phases.)

87. Transition – The disconnection of the Spirit Energy from the physical body. There are many reports of persons being in attendance at a passing of a human or animal when they were aware of the Spirit (soul) leaving the physical body. Every person, when making transition to the Higher Realms, will experience their full reconnection with Spirit. Some descriptions of transition refer to travelling through a tunnel with a bright light at the end.

88. Visions of People / Objects / Scenes – Clairvoyance – This can be the medium visualising how a Spirit Entity presents itself for recognition. Some mediums describe seeing images in their physical field of vision, others will be aware of the image in their inner visual senses. The image perceived can be of a human form, an animal, an object, a scene or perhaps flowers that add to the message being conveyed.

89. Voices – Clairaudience – This is achieved in two ways. Spirit being able to manipulate the medium’s inner ear to produce a signal to the auditory part of the medium’s brain, which is able to comprehend the words given. Alternatively, Spirit provides the vibrations (through the Crown chakra) to the medium’s brain.

In Conclusion

There are probably more forms of communication than listed above or variations on a theme and mixes of communication. Some communications will be more vibrant than others. Some sceptics will offer explanations that communication is a fallacy. However, the important factor is that Spirit communication is for a purpose, e.g. proof of survival, greetings, assurance or education.

Our five human senses all work in the same basic way; we have receptors such as the retina, taste buds, nerve endings, ear drums mechanism which all produce a signal to the human brain to understand; so it is with the 6th Sense where Spirit is able to produce a signal (normally considered to be through the Crown chakra) to the brain. We must not forget that we are able to communicate with Spirit, although we may not always be aware of the communication taking place.

Question – why do we need so many different ways of communication?

Question – what does sceptic need?

Question – what does a person who has suffered trauma or loss of a dear one require?

Question – what does a person who accepts continuation of life need?

Question – how important is it to have a focal point for good communication

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